Test Blocks Durometer - Shore A

Test Blocks Durometer - Shore A

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This kit will prove to be invaluable in helping to maintain durometer read-out accuracy for science, manufacturing, research and development.

The test kit consists of 7 test blocks. The individual test blocks
are provided with serial numbers to guarantee incontestable identification. The hardness values are ranging from 30 durometer to 90 durometer type A.

As a reference check, it will indicate if a durometer is operating within tolerances. A durometer should never be calibrated with test blocks. For durometer calibration we recommend our Durometer Calibration Device/Force. The material from which the test blocks are made is fairly stable, however,
it is strongly recommended that the calibration of the test blocks be
verified annually.

- 7 test blocks size approx. 50 mm x 50 mm x 8 mm
- Delivery with plastic case and certificate